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SQL 2014 Installation Error



Having an issue installing SQL 2014 on to a machine.

During the installation process i get the following error occuring:

SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:


Done a search on the C: drive, but no luck.

Anyone have an ideas what can be done?



Please post the full error.

I suspect you at some point deleted files from the Windows\Updates folder as that folder takes up a lot of space. For whatever reason, the MS installers need those. It is a pain to get them back.


There may be something wrong with c:\Windows\Installer.



Here is the error I was getting:

Overall summary:
Final result: Failed: see details below
Exit code (Decimal): -2147024894
Exit facility code: 7
Exit error code: 2
Exit message: C:\Windows\Installer\728c8d.msi
Start time: 2016-06-09 20:25:27
End time: 2016-06-09 20:29:45
Requested action: Install
Exception help link:



Looks like you are going to have to reference the setup log to get a better error. I think you have an issue with missing files that were deleted due to the folder taking up a lot of space. It's not easy to get those back and is very tedious.


Fixed the issue.

Searched the registry for the file that was giving the issue, which in turn showed the installation file needed.

Copied and renamed to the Installer folder.

All working now :slight_smile: