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SQL 2014 Clustered Column Stored Index Maintenance



Building a ss2014 DWH, 100s CCI (clustered column store indexes) Already ALTER TABLE .. REBUILD PARTITION all CCIs weekly, but is there more I can do to ensure there optimal?

Unable to view the histogram DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS to check date, sample rate actual rows vs estimated to verify the STAT is good quality. Some articles say the STATISTICS is not used anyway as all CCI are scans, not seeks, conversely other articles such as www.nikoport.com declare the STATS are still critical to execution performance.

Is the solution to create a manual STATISTICS on all predicates, joins, usual columns where a regular index would improve the execution plan. Then this method allows to view the STATs current optimization a diligently track all STATISTICS status's.

Look forward to any thoughts?