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SQL 2012 vs SQL 2012 Express for training


Hey all, quite a while back I was given the honor of fixing both of our SQL 2012 databases when they broke. I don't know how to work with SQL other than to use SQL Server Management Studio to work with one of our vendors whose program runs on/in SQL. I'm going to be starting an online SQL class this week and I wanted to know if SQL 2012 Express would be a good target for the classroom exercises. Since it's "Express" I was concerned that some of the things that I learn in class may not apply to the express version of the software. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Joe B


SQL Server Developer Edition is free for development and includes all the features of the enterprise ed..


Thanks for the tip! I'll download it today and see how it looks.


Joe B


Not sure you can still get 2012 Developer Edition - or if that is considered a free edition. You can download 2017 Developer Edition and 2017 SSMS which are free as long as you sign up for dev essentials.


I couldn't find anything 2012 downloadable so I went ahead and downloaded the trial for 2017. I figure I should be able to do some of the basics after six months and if not I'll roll out another virtual server and install it again. I had wanted 2012 because that's the SQL version in our vendors software.

Thanks guys,

Joe B