SQL 2012 service account cache

Hi, there,

One of our production dababase server (windows server 2012 DataCenter, SQL 2012 Sp2 RTW) has several cache files at the following path:

They take up large space, and are actively growing.

What process is responsible for this? The server is not a DNS server and has rare web access. It has windows Failover Cluster feature turn on (but not functioning?). The SQL server service is running under this AD account.

I am pretty sure they are not critical to db operation and could be deleted. But I want to get to the root cause and want to turn them off.

Any idea and suggestion?


Those files are part of Management Data Warehouse - and there are several options to manage those files. One option is to switch from cached mode to non-cached mode for data collection - other options include increasing the frequency, modifying the sp_purge_data stored procedure to run faster, and review the counters being collected.

Great! Thanks!