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SQL 2012 - Import DBF data


I can get the data to import through SQL 2005 using the following code:

select * openrowset ('VFPOLEDB', 'C:\Temp'; ' '; ' ','select * from dbfdata')

However, I need to be able to import the dbf data using SQL 2012.
But when I run the same command in SQL2012 I get the following error message:

The 32-bit OLE DB provider "VFPOLEDB" cannot be loaded in-process on a 64-bit SQL Server.

The only providers listed under Linked Servers are as follows:

I would love to get this working under SQL 2012. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


wow Visual FoxPro 32 bit !!!!!!
I cut my teeth on DOS FoxPro black background/blue and yellow fonts! FoxPro used to be my fav

Try this, got this from msdn site

"If you just install 32b SQLExpress on the same server, then VFPOLEDB, then you will be able to access the dbfs from the 64b SQLServer with no issue"

Worth a try?


Thanks I will try that


That worked perfectly - thank you so much.
In all the websites I've viewed I had never seen that suggestion before.


Long Live FoxPro!