SQL 2005 Cluster - Groups fail to come back online after cluster float

Greetings to all!
I have a SQL 2005/Server 2003 32 bit server cluster which has recently posed some problems. While patching for the WannaCry exploit, I patched my 01 server & reboot then applied the patch to my 02 server then tried to float the cluster groups. When I try, 2 of my 4 groups fail to come back online. The SQL Server fails & that causes a SQL service which has the SQL Server as a dependency to fail as well. All groups run great on the 02 server but not the 01. I checked the services on the 01 server & they show running.

Any advice (other than upgrade to 2012/2012)? These are MFG production systems & downtime windows are quite rare. If more details are needed, just let me know.
Please help & thanks tons!!!


Can you move the services to the other node 01 and check if the services run?

Hello, Ahmed! Yes, the services show running on the 01 server but the groups still fail to come back online. Very disturbing!