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SQL 2005 Backup\Job issues after Cluster Failover


We have a 2005 2 node active\passive cluster. We recently failed over to do patching. We have now having issues with Backups running too long or failing. When I logged in, I found out that SSMS Express was installed so I had to install the actual client to be able to work on the jobs. After installing SSMS I still was unable to access the job properties. I could get the information via SQL scripts but not the interface. In addition, it just wasn't functioning quite right with anything pertaining to the Agent\Jobs.

I am at a loss. All I can think of is something wasn't set up right in the cluster but they have failed over before with no recorded issues. (I am new) Log files don't say anything significant.

Any other ideas?


What happen if you use the old node SSMS connects to the DB engine? were you able to connect and everything shown as expected?


when we failback over to the original node it works perfectly fine


that seems funny, did you try to use a 3rd machine with SSMS installed and connects to the cluster while its in the passive node?

As you mention you can access the information via SQL scripts just not the GUI, it does suggest to me that the cluster is working fine in passive node, just the GUI doesn't. What you can try also is that failover the cluster to passive node, then use the SSMS in the active node to connect to the cluster while its in passive node. That way you can see if its the GUI issue or the cluster issue.

Hope this helps