Splitting a csv file held in table Colum

I have a stored procedure that I hold a CSV file in a temporary table.

is it possible to read that #importTFiles and return as columns. The files hold more fields, but I'm just looking to see if it is passible

Column 1 Column 2
Line 1 Data A
Line 2 Data B
Line 3 Data C


"Line 1, Data A"
"Line 2, Data B"
"Line 3, Data C"


ImportFile nvarchar(MAX) NOT NULL


VALUES (@ImportFile);

Select Statement ?

Drop TABLE #ImportTFiles

You can use bulk insert to insert the data into a temptable. You can use dynamic SQL to create the complete statement but be aware of the security risks involved.

BULK INSERT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

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