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Spellcheck Highlight on a Report

probably a longshot :slight_smile:

We have time sheet data with narratives. The narratives appear on the Client invoice, and are supposed to be entered accurately ... some people are not very good at that!

One the time sheet data is Posted it is hard to change, so at billing the correction take an unreasonable amount of time - faffing around.

I was thinking of producing a report of all the narratives (the timesheet stuff is in a SQL Database) with all the spelling mistakes highlighted, and then the Admin person who posts the Timesheets can correct any obvious typos before actually posting them. (Yeah, I could try to get everyone to do Perfect Typing, but many of them are highly paid, and not very good typists, and it makes more sense to use a lower pay-grade to fix them).

I did this some time ago, output them on a Web page in fields, and used some JavaScript to move FOCUS through each field, and that was enough for Chrome to put a wiggle red line under the typos. Something has changed in Chrome which means this no longer works (there is chatter on the forums, so I've given up hoping that I can solve that ...)

So my though was:

SPLIT the narratives into individual words.
OUTER JOIN the words with a Dictionary Table
Any that are not found replace with

'<span class="MyHighlight">' + [OriginalWord] + '</span>'

so that they show up, in my report (on Intranet web page) nicely highlighted. The user can then find that timesheet and fix the typo.

I imagine I will have reasonable difficulty "chopping off/out" all the punctuation characters etc. but other than that is this a bad idea? are there easier ways to highlight Misspellings?