Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Data import


Im trying to find out how to import:

  • Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Data - with slb and dlb extension
  • Agilent MSD ChemStation
  • NIST

i just need 1 of these, got the DB in question in the 3 formats.

Thanks a lot,


What is the format of this data?

Im not sure, that reason for the post.
Here is a a wetransfer link with the 3 DB options they have available

Thanks a lot

I cannot open that link. In any case, you will need to thoroughly understand the options. Can you summarize them?

Note that the names Spectrum Analyzer, Aglient MSD and NIST mean nothing to me, nor to the extensions slb and dlb. However, to import to SQL Server, you will need something like CSV, tab-delimited text, or Excel.


Link working fine. go to the page and press download
if it was csv...etc would be posting the question here.
there must more ways to copy data from diffrent DB types?

Sure, but not with out-of-the box Microsoft tools. Likely those formats are proprietary and would require utilities or .NET classes or something from their respective vendors.

BTW, I cannot open the link since it is blocked by my firewall. That link looks like a shortcut. Can you post the full URL?