Sparse Tables

I have been asked "does your database have any Sparse Tables". Our database has a lot of tables and I'm not sure how to find the answer. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Terry Brothers

We have sparse columns

If you select from sys.columns, is_sparse indicates if column is "sparsed"

That worked ... Thank you!!

One more question if you don't mind. Where do I find if there is any "Partition Switching" and "Data Masking"?

I guess that might be two questions.


Actually the only thing I cannot figure out is how to tell if there is any Partition Switching. I have everything else answered. Any help will be appreciated!


To my knowledge, partition switching is done through scripts/functions, so I would start looking at daily/weekly/monthly/yearly jobs in the agent. Also, in sys.partitions you can see if your tables uses partitions at all.