Sorting data according to MAX() value

Hello , i have a problem involving MAX(). I have a table with a series of columns. Now lets say i have two columns , one named Sleeping_Time and the other Start_Time, the table is call Gross_Sleep_Timetable. I want to sort the Start Time using the Maximum value of Sleeping time. So i want to get the Start Time based in the row where the Max() value of Sleeping Time is located. How would i do so? I also want the values to change according to dynamic filters i have to General Timetable. This means i can select different MAX() values of Sleeping Time in a list, and get different values of Start Time in a list. I tried implementing a nested loop in my Select function, but it returned multiple values.


(Select Start_Time

From Gross_Sleep_Timetable gs

where gs.Sleeping_Time=(Select Max(gst.Sleeping_Time))



Gross_Sleep_Timetable gst

Select	Start_Time, ... AnyOtherColumns ...
From	Gross_Sleep_Timetable AS GS
where	gs.Sleeping_Time =
		Select	MAX(gst.Sleeping_Time)
		FROM	Gross_Sleep_Timetable AS GST

If there is more than one row that exactly matches MAX(gst.Sleeping_Time) then the results will display all such rows. If you don't want that then use SELECT TOP 1 and be sure to add an ORDER BY to get the record that is most appropriate.

Would it be possible to key the condition to only one select clause? For eg, could i make it in a way that only Start_Time changes, like only Start_Time get sort out by Max(gst.Sleeping_Time)? I do not want the whole query to be affected by the clause. For instance, in the Where Clause , gs.Start_Time =(select start_time where Sleeping_Time=Max(Sleeping_Time)). I understand tho this is impossible, as i cannot have an aggregate in the where clause.

Select	TOP 1 Start_Time, ... AnyOtherColumns ...
From	Gross_Sleep_Timetable AS GS
ORDER BY gs.Sleeping_Time DESC, AnyOtherTieBreakColumns
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Thanks for your help !