Some thoughts on my Personal Finance DataBase project


I am doing an IT-traineeship in which I have done some SQL foundation course.
Since I wanted to make my skills better, I decided to start working on a project at home.
I have an excel (Mac Numbers) sheet in which I have all my monthly/yearly expenses (rent, internet, gas, water, etc.) and I want to build it into a database which I will first manually update, and later build an app around it.

The point I am not getting is the following:
How can I design my tables (or queries) so I can get an overview for all months, without filling in my rent for each month. In the picture is an example. I have set the rent on January 2019, and set an increase from June 2019 on. How can I tell SQL I want to have the rent from January for each month, until it changes (June)?

I thought by adding a 'Recursive' column I could do something with that, but that doesn't seem very useful..

Thanks in advance!!

in SQL ... you can write it

SQL ...i mean

select sum(rent) ,month
from table
where month between january and june
group by month

hope it helps :slight_smile: :slight_smile: