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Some of Sql Server Job Steps are executing twice and thrice


I have scheduled one sql server job (23 steps) every day night in my Dev environment.
Ideally Job should Fail and send notifications on any of step failure But from few days i am seeing some strange behaviour in job execution.

  1. Job is executing same step again and again even after failure, (Job should quit execution on any of job failure.)
  2. Some of job steps are executing Twice and some times Thrice irrespective of Success and Failure.

Same Job has been scheduled in QA, there are also same behaviour with this.

When i googled about this many are suggesting to delete and recreate entire job, i did that.. still issue is alive. Can anyone suggest me why some steps are running twice and how to resolve this?


Can you post the job definition with the schedule?


Do any of the individual steps have retry on failure set?