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Solved thanks please delete


solved thanks please delete


You should probably move the two logical expressions in the WHERE clause to the JOIN condition.

See the rationale explained here.


Yep thanks I got it to work now.


Why is it, that other people may not learn from your challenges/mistakes?
I think you'r insulting James by deleting your post, as he took the time to help. On top of that, you didn't :heart: like his answer - so @JamesK you have to settle for my like.


Deleting the original post is disheartening, but I suspect it is more of not thinking about the utility of leaving it there than anything else that prompts people to delete their original posts. Nonetheless, that leaves the people who respond sound as though they are talking to themselves :smile:

Thank you for the like, and right back at ya :wink:


Sorry I'm new to this website. Didn't know about the like button. Anyways it was a small typo in my answer that I needed to change a letter lol.