Solution Required for SQL Database replication with Primary DC and Secondary DC

Hello All,

I would like to get some advice and suggestions from your for providing a solution to my management regarding the SQL fail-over.

Currently we are having a DC for production servers and we are having a two note active/active SQL fail-over Cluster. We also having a Backup DC for fail-over. Currently we are using our application to replicate the data to backup sql server. But we have notice that some of the data's are missing in the backup SQL server due to the application replication limitation.

My requirement is to have a SQL real-time replication between the primary DC and secondary DC. We are looking the SQL always on solution but currently we are using SQL standard edition and it required lot of changes/ cost and downtime for implementing alwayson. so that we are looking for an alternative solution to handle this situation.

We are having Kemp load balancer and our requirements are

  1. Real-time replication of SQL DB between Primary DC and Secondary DC.
  2. During the DC failure or primary Service failure, Auto fail-over to the request to secondary DC using Kemp Global Server Load Balancing .

Kindly suggest me some solutions to achieve the same

Use Always on Availability Groups.