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Solid understanding of database concepts, architecture, and design


Hi ,
I have interview next week and below are the few points -- where am not much familiar about. Pls let me know what questions I can expect from this ...
--> Solid understanding of database concepts, architecture, and design
--> Experience with Data Modeling and Design
--> Understanding of SQL Server Relational Database Management Systems.

This is my first interview. Help me.... and Thanks in advance.


All three are large topics. The last one is the subject of 7 certification exams, each with 50-60 questions. However, if the interviewer knows that you are just starting out, I would expect general questions in each category.

Database concepts would include the Relational Model and how it is implemented in SQL Server. What tables, views, functions, procedures, triggers, queries are etc,

Data modelling would probably include ER diagramming and normalization among other things.

SQL Server RDBMS? Hard to know what could be asked, Hopefully not much more than using Visual Studio and SSMS to access SQL Server, some things about authentication and authorization, writing simple queries, etc.


Thanks Gbritton for the information. This would help me where to concentrate on the topics.


--2 Understand the difference between logical model and physical modeling. For example, "tables" do not exist in a logical model.

--3 Understand the concept of transactions, "all or none" and logging.


Actually know and be able to define the first three normalization forms.
Know clustered vs non-clustered indexes (Extra credit: How does clustered index relate to Primary Key)
Know backup and recovery; What operations to perform to restore your database back to a certain time.
Know joins: inner, outer, cross and inner/cross apply


Just relax and be yourself. Pretend you've known the people that are interviewing you for a thousand years. There's nothing else you can do to prepare yourself because there's no way to predict what they're going to ask you about SQL Server and databases. Either you know the stuff... or you don't. It may help you if you start the interview with an admission that it's your first ever interview for such a position and that you're about to pass the proverbial brick.

Depending on how you've written it, I might not be able to help you with this current interview but it may help on the next one. The one thing I can predict they'll ask you about is your resume, especially if you've made any claims of experience there. If you've lied on your resume or have falsely embellished any experience or perceived skill, expect that to be your ultimate demise because they WILL find out during the interview.

What else might they grill you on? Even if I gave you a list of the exact questions they might ask, if you don't know the answers already, then no amount of cramming is going to help you because your answer will be canned answers from a book or a blog and not from experience.

Even if you don't "pass" this first interview, use it as a super learning experience. Except for the questions asked and the attitudes of the people conducting the interviews, they're all pretty much the same. Learn to use that to your advantage.

If you have some nicely formatted documented code that you're proud of, take several printed copies with you and ask them if they'd like to see an example of your work. Make sure that it's not a copy job from somewhere on the internet. Make sure that it's your own work. Trust me... they'll be able to tell. But, they'll also be incredibly impressed that you were thoughtful enough to prep for the interview.

Also be very aware of what the company actually does. Do your research. People really like it a lot and may pick someone less qualified than others if they show such a keen interest in the company they're applying to for a job.


Thanks for the suggestions.. these helped me to boost up myself and got to know more things.
Update : My first round is done and next week have Face to face .

Pls let me know how the panel will be ?


Heh... do you know why manhole covers are round, how many golf balls it takes to fill a cab, and how many piano players there are in New York? :wink:

Nothing changes from what I previously suggested just because it's face-to-face.