So basic.......where does my data reside

OK…so where’s my data..really

Since y’all saved me a few weeks ago, everything seems to be working well.

I haven’t “automated” the back-up procedure yet – it’s overkill I know – but, I’ve been cloning my C-Drive 500 Gig SSD onto another 500 Gig SSD. (I promise to get to this soon but, life’s gotten in the way.)

Remember, I’m a single user (2008 Version).

Before I screwed up my database, my entire C Drive consisted of about 200 Gigs on a 250 Gig SSD. Since saving my stuff, I now have almost 260 Gigs (on a 500 Gig SSD).

I think I have some extra stuff there and (so I can revert to the 250 SSD as my everyday working C: drive) I was hoping I could get rid of some POSSIBLY duplicate files/folders.

I THINK my SQL data (logs and mdfs) reside in C:\GMData1121 and consist of 17.7 gigs. That was my intention anyway).

However, I also see 6.35 gigs of “something” under C:\GMUTILS with sub directory Microsoft ….SQL 3.35 gigs.

Under C:\Programs\Microsoft SQL there appears to be 37.8 Gigs of which 18.7 shows under data sub folder. However, those files are dated 11/21/18 (that’s the date I restored from the failure). Oddly enough, while the files where my date resides say 11/21 – the system files (Temp, Master, and Model have a current date).

Under C:\ProgramData resides 64.2 Gigs (I don’t see anything that looks like SQL there)

Under C:USERS\Jim\ While 48 Gigs Doesn’t seem to be any SQL stuff there

Can / Should I try delete those files under C:\Programs\ (Obviously, I would preserve the clone until I was certain I didn’t goof up something else.

PS: I would post screen shots of my directories but can’t ‘figger how to do it.

As always, TIA any suggestions. Jim Gunther