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Snapshot Replication Across Domains


Hi all,
I need to set up snapshot replication from SQL Server A (2008 R2) on Domain A and Server B (2012) on Domain B.

I have linked servers configured and I'm able to copy tables from one server to the other. That works.

I was able to configure the publisher on Server A but I get an error when I try to create the Subscriber on Server B. (Sorry I don't have the exact error in front of me)
Are there any special considerations when configuring snapshot replication from one domain to another?


Well one thing: both publisher and subscriber need access to a common storage area.

Oh, please locate and post your error messages.


Thanks gbritton.

  1. Can the snapshot file reside on either the publisher server or the subscriber server? Or does it have to be at an ftp site?

  2. When I attempt to create the subscription, I get error
    "SQL Server requires the actual server name to make a connection to the server. Specify the actual server name."

I've done that, even tried the IP address.
Note: from the subscription server, I AM able to query tables that reside on the publisher server by using 4-part naming. Linked servers have been created.


This link seems to address your problem


Thanks gbritton. I had found that article last week but unfortunately, it doesn't help in my situation.
Select @@servername returns the actual current server name. It doesn't appear to have ever been renamed.


please post the t-sql you use to add the subscription


gbritton, I used the GUI. These servers are on trusted domains. I think I'll drop the publication and re-add it but this time placing the snapshot file on a file share that my subscriber has access to. I'll post back with the results. Thanks for your interest.


When you use the GUI, check out the Script button at the top. It should generate the T-SQL for your operation


Please check your cross domain access and firewall setup, ports are open and listing each other.