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Slow performance when changing disk


Hi All,

I am running SQL Server 2014 on a Windows 8.1 Pro with two disks( one SSD and one HDD).

When I place the database on my SSD disk the readings are fast. ( 30MB/s)

When I place the same database on my HDD disk, the readings are extremly slow.(1.4MB/s)

If I copy a file to the HDD the disk is fast.
It seems like it is slow when I go via SQL Server

There must be something wrong?
Any ideas?


Task manager is not showing you the speed of your reads, it is showing you the average data transferred. If SQL is not reading much the value will be low (even 0)


Thanks for your answer gbritton,
But what about the big differences when I place the database on my second disk?
Here's the task manager when I do the same SQL commands to my SSD disk.