Single parameter in sp with values fron an excel file - execution of sp

I need urgently your help. I have a stored procedure with 1 single parameter (@code)
e.g create PROCEDURE george
@code int

the send me an excel which has the codes ( for @code) that i must to execute
e.g excel has 1 column (code) and 3 rows (1111, 2222,3333)

the problem is when i am going to execute it i have to give
EXEC george @code = '1111'
EXEC george @code = '2222'
EXEC george @code = '3333'
in order to execute ( in series). but when the excel file have 100 rows this is a problem

could you tell a way ( to write different maybe the procedure or something else) so that i have to give only ONCE execution for the procedure and this executes all the codes from the excel (( in series) one after the other.
thanks in advance

pass the values as a comma-separated list (e.g. '111,222,333') then use the splitter function to get them out;


There are great examples in there

can you explain me about the splitter because i can not know which method i have to use
except this , is there an alternative way

did you read the article and try out the examples? It really is the best way

ok . i am going to read it carefully. thank you for the quick response