Simple Group By Clause Question!

Hi guys,

I have a simple group by clause question I can't seem to figure out.

I have a table called Students and a column in that table called StartDate.

I want to return the number students who enrolled in each calendar month over the years to see which months produce the most enrollments.

January 95
February 136
March 72

The statement below is what I've got but of course this isn't returning the result set I want.... what am I missing?

SELECT COUNT(StudentID) AS Enrolments, DATENAME(Month, StartDate) AS StartMonth
GROUP BY StartDate


please ...change

group by startdate
group by DATENAME(Month, StartDate)

hope it helps

Personally I'd do the COUNTs using month# and translate to month name only for the actual display. That way you can sort by month# to see the results as Jan, Feb, Mar, ...

SELECT Enrolments, DATENAME(MONTH, DATEADD(MONTH, StartMonth - 1, 0)) AS Start_Month
    SELECT COUNT(StudentID) AS Enrolments, MONTH(StartDate) AS StartMonth
    GROUP BY MONTH(StartDate)
) AS derived
ORDER BY StartMonth