Shrinking db

My databse size aroung 1tb.
Instead of selecting the file to shrink by mistake i did for whole db..Now it is running. I am doubting to stop the process. On this db transactional replication is goingon. In the replication monitor everything running excellent. no latency.
How much time it will take shrink 1tb database?
actually i was getting error as below.
The transaction log for database 'database_name' is full due to 'XTP_CHECKPOINT'.
So thought of shrinking the log file. But did it for full db. It is a production db. Now i am scaring how much time it will take. Will it currupt if i kill shrinking process..
What i need to take care?Please guide me


You can stop it without issue - but it probably has already caused problems with your indexes that will need to be corrected.