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Setting up an SQL task - Newbie

Hey guys. I just started an SQL course and this is one of the first tasks I receieved.

"If the money (different currencies) on an account is less than the limit, send an email to the bank"

Basically I need to create a procedure that will be called upon every day at 7am, an email will be sent once a day to the bank.

and I got this to call upon the bank


to call upon the limit on the account

select * from MOS_PKR.opucurrencylimit
select * from MOS_PKR.dashlimitopu -- where opu='MO10'

and then I also got the function to call upon different bank offices with different currencies. (too long to write it down here).

Can somebody please help me with setting it up? Would be really appreciated :blush:

please google search lots of articles

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