Session time out error at application end


Application user when trying to access the application and when he clicked on some thing the application is loading and after few min it is throwing an session time out error.

When i tried to check if the session is hitting the DB and f there is any blocked sessions during that time... i do not see any running or blocked sessions on that time. But i can see few sessions with sleeping status with awaiting command.

Can some one let me know if sleeping sessions means the batch was completed and waiting for the connection to close ??
Or it is waiting for any resource??

If the batch is completed then why it is not giving any result at application end??

Is there any application time out issues due to which application is throwing the error??

Running trace during that time helps?? If so please let me know what are the trace events we need to capture. I ran trace with basic security auditing to check if session is hitting or not.

Db size is small when compared to other DB's

Please suggest some thing ...

Thanks in advance.

A sleeping session is simply a client connection with no active query to the SQL Server. There will be no query associated with it in this state. It's not waiting for a resource, that would be SUSPENDED. If you're not seeing any result, then the query didn't return a result. What's the timeout set to (default is 30 sec). Try running the query with SQL Server Profile or using Extended Events to see the progress.