Service Accounts

I have created a REST API in Visual Studio and currently, it calls a SP in our database using my windows authentication. I am avoiding SQL Authentication to store user name and password.

Once I publish this API on the Application server, I will be using a Service Account to call the SP. Should I ask our Network Admin to create a new Service Account or use an existing built in one (which one if built in)?

  1. don't reuse svc accounts. have new one created (knowing you deal with HIPPA stuff)
  2. make sure svc account has only the perms it needs.
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Thanks for remmebering about the HIPPA stuff.

Should I ask the Network Admin to create it then, rather than using a SQL Authentication account?

I see you ask great questions all the time. Would be great to see you share the vast knowledge you are acquiring by sharing the experience you have gained here?

Will do!

yep create a bonified windows ad service account. always collaborate with sys admins

have you looked at express.js ( a nodejs api module. visual studio api seems so cumbersome and fat and just yucky to me...

I used to do ASP and front-end as my main function. I am glad that I left it behind and stuck with reporting. It is not fun to keep learning a new framework every 4 years when I am aging.