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Server-side app for backing up database remotely?


I'm looking for a web-based application for a Windows web server (pref. written in .NET) which is able to make a backup of an MSSQL database. That is, it can be operated remotely via a browser, and will write an .sql file containing INSERTs for all the records in every table.

Is there such a web app available, pref. open source?


If you want to see how to do this, start Profiler then use SSMS to generate the scripts. when you are done, you can see what calls were made to the server to generate the scripts in the profiler trace. Use that to build your own.

OTOH why do you want to make a backup that way? It will likely be many times bigger than a simple BACKUP command would produce


Thanks, the reason is that the db is on a shared hosting server, I don't have direct access to the server or permissions to run a server-side backup. If you're familiar with MySQL Workbench, I'm after a tool like its "Export" function, which results in an .sql file download of the entire structure and rows in all tables.

Even better would be a .NET script which creates the same thing on the web server itself, which can be used as a periodic online backup solution - much like the popular "BackupBuddy" Wordpress plugin.

Please let me know if something like the above is available.