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Sending scheduled sms using a stored procedure


Hi ,
I want to send scheduled sms using a stored procedure.is it possible using a stored procedure.
if so what are the steps


We use an SMS service for this type of thing. It lets us send HTTP instructions for an SMS to be send (as well as providing all sorts of API interfaces).

Not sure how you were planning to physically send the SMS, but I suspect how you go about it depends on what the API your service provider/SAAS offers


Hi friend thanks for your reply.
my requirement is to send sms automatically using sql job scheduler.
iam using sqlserver 2008 r2. and i cannot start the sqlserver agent for adding a new job.
this is my problem.



OK, but HOW is the SMS going to be sent? You are presumably using a service provider for that? What API do they offer?

That will govern how you go about sending them. SQL will just find, sort and output the relevant data ... converting it to an actual SMS depends on the service provider's API.

Just in case I am on the wrong track!!

SMS = Text message to a mobile phone?

Or something else perhaps? :confused: