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Sending out the same report at different times


I have a report that many people in the company are interested in. The problem is I need to send them out at different times. My solution is to create duplicate reports that are the same in every way except the start and end date defaults. My question is how do I open the existing report in Visual Studios so I can see all the settings. I'm ok at querying the database but as far as putting that info into a report I'm pretty clueless.


Instead of creating multiple reports - just create multiple subscriptions. If you need to have each subscription use a different date range - then make sure you have those set as parameters so you can pass in the appropriate values for each subscription.

There are multiple ways this can be accomplished - for example, if one subscription is for a weekly report and the other is monthly then you could have a single parameter for the report type and pass to the procedure 'Weekly' or 'Monthly' and in the stored procedure you calculate the date ranges needed based on the parameter.

Here is a discussion on a way to setup dynamic date parameters: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/535c7e0a-75e2-47d0-8b18-60d1e94805a2/setting-variable-parameters-in-a-ssrs-subscription?forum=sqlreportingservices

There are other examples - if you have Enterprise Edition you could even use a data-driven subscription.

However you decide to do this, creating multiple reports is not the right way as that will require maintaining those different versions and modifying each one for the specific date requirements - for every change.