Send email when SQL server job fails

Please help!
I need to send email to multiple recipients when a sql server job fails. What is the easiest way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

In the Job Properties, click on Notifications, set one to e-mail when the job fails

I tried but it does not allow me to type an email address. Also I need to send this to multiple people

No you can't enter an email address, you have to enter the name of an Operator in Agent. Have you created one? Note that it is possible to setup an Operator with an email address that corresponds to a distribution list

I created the operator and typed the email address there, do I need to have
a SMTP server configured for this? I did not really understand by "that
corresponds to a distribution list" please explain, sorry!


set up a distribution list in Exchange. call it "PeopleToBeNotifiedIfJobFails" or something. Add the email addresses of the users to the list. use the list name when you set up your operator

How do I set up the distribution list in Exchange? Please help me.

Who takes care of your email and Active Directory systems? That would be the person to setup a group that would act as your email distribution list.