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Select from view returns 0 rows(the view has values)

I am working with 2 sql servers
Server A I do a select from
[serverb].[database_b].[dbo].[table_b] it returns 0 rows

However when I go directly to serverB

And do a select * from table_b it returns 20 rows .
Please advise

On ServerB, try:

SELECT * FROM database_b.dbo.table_b

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I need to select form serverA. To get results from serverB

Selecting from
ServerB is not the issue

I was trying to verify that the view within that specific db had rows. But never mind, good luck with this.

is serverb configured as a linked server?

Yes Iinked server is created

do what @ScottPletcher recommended

select * from [database_b].[dbo].[table_b]

yeah Selecting from ServerB is not the issue but it will help us help you