Select a latest date record group by certain column

hi all,

i would like to get a latest date records group by certain column.

i only want to get the yellow highlighted records which group by A.PackageRateId, only get one latest date records for the distinct A.PackageRateId

my sample query:

select distinct A.PackageRateId, A.ID, max(A.StopDate) OVER(partition BY A.PackageRateId ORDER BY A.StopDate ASC)
FROM EPOS.dbo._EPOS_PackageRateItems as A with (nolock)
--A.PackageRateId = 2079 and
a.enabled = 1 and GETDATE() <= A.StopDate


I tried to do this

Hope this helps :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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drop table EPOS_PackageRateItems

create table EPOS_PackageRateItems
PackageRateId int ,
ID int, 
Stop_Date date 

insert into  EPOS_PackageRateItems select 2079 , 5729 , '2019-12-19'
insert into  EPOS_PackageRateItems select 2079 , 5730 , '2019-12-20'
insert into  EPOS_PackageRateItems select 2079 , 5739 , '2019-12-21'

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; with cte_maxdate as 
select  PackageRateId
       ,MAX(Stop_date) as maxstopdate 
from EPOS_PackageRateItems
group by PackageRateId
select 'SQL Output', a.* 
      EPOS_PackageRateItems a join cte_maxdate b 
          on  a.PackageRateId = b.PackageRateId 
          and Stop_Date       = maxstopdate

sorry, ID is unique key.
there is problem because packagerateID is not unique and will have duplicate records.

Not sure I understand what you mean

Can you please explain

I thought I gave latest date for package id

sorry, i miss out StartDate Column.

Refer image. i only want to show the highlighted yellow row with the latest stopdate group by packageRateID

startDate to StopDate duration may be one day, twodays, one months, etc..

So what if package rate id has duplicates

My solution gives max date
For each package rate id


Package rate ID 3456. Max date 12/13/2019
Package rate ID 6785. Max date 12/6/2019

If we want max date for all records
Don't care abt any column

Top 1 order by date desc

Adjust the ORDER BY in the row_number as needed...

   With packageRateRanks
     As (
 Select a.PackageRateId
      , a.ID
      , rn = row_number() over(Partition By a.PackageRateId Order By a.ID, a.StopDate desc)
   From EPOS.dbo._EPOS_PackageRateItems As a With (nolock)
  Where --A.PackageRateId = 2079 and
        a.enabled = 1
    And getdate() <= a.StopDate
 Select *
   From packageRateRanks prr
  Where prr.rn = 1;

Note: you should remove the NOLOCK as it can cause incorrect data/duplicate data - or even fail.