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Searching in PDF-files with Full Text Indexes


After trying it a few times in the past, again I was hoping to make SQL Server search in PDF-files with full text indexes.

I did everything according to the instructions:

  • I've downloaded the filter 11.0 from Adobe
  • Than I've granted access rights to the iFilter directory to the SQL Server account and the Full Text service account
  • I've added a path of the iFilter bin directory to the system PATH variable
  • I ran the following statements:

EXEC sp_fulltext_service@action='load_os_resources', @value=1;
EXEC sp_fulltext_service@action='verify_signature', @value=0;

  • I've restarted the services
  • If I execute the statement below, it gives a row back with the location of the dll:

SELECT document_type, path
FROM sys.fulltext_document_types
WHERE document_type = '.pdf'

So it seems to be configured properly, but when I execute a select-statement, no results.

Re-populating the index doesn't help.

if I look in SQLFT0000700005.LOG in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.SQLSERVER2014\MSSQL\Log it tells me:

Informational: Full-text Auto population completed for table or indexed view '[Quadro].[dbo].[Inkoopfacturen]' (table or indexed view ID '1533248517', database ID '7'). Number of documents processed: 0. Number of documents failed: 0. Number of documents that will be retried: 0.

There are 3 documents in the table.

How can I make this work?