Searching for the source of a query

I'm new to the forums so bare with me on this.

I have a database running using SQL Server, this database is being inserted into and updated from many different locations, its mainly a database for use with .net/c#. I'm trying to find the source of a couple of queries that i know are running on the database as i can see them in the Activity monitor, however i cannot plausibly go through each individual file that could be running these queries as this would take a very long time. Is there an easy way using sql server management studio to find out where the queries are coming from or what type of application is being used. I have created a trigger on the table that is being updated to try to monitor the times that it is being updated, but that has not proved helpful.


You might try SQL Profiler

what does the c# layer use to do the query

  1. Plain SQL
  2. Entity framework