Script Library category

In categories, I think we need to include Script Library. What do you all think?

I raised this a while back link not sure if it got lost in that thread .... my suggestion was for:

Data Corruption
Script Library (I wonder how well this would be used, unless existing scripts were migrated??)
New to SQL (perhaps put at top of the category list?)
Database Design / Application Architecture

Ermmm ... just a thought ... would a "Homework" or perhaps "SQL Homework" category be useful?

We could change Category on anything that is Homework so that others treat it as such. I've sometimes answered a Homework question without reading the whole thread and, consequently, not realised it was homework.

I'm meaning: no sense us providing an actual answer to a Homework question, the Student won't learn anything ... better to provide them with hints / pointers.

I may be over thinking the problem though ... as usual!!!

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Yes that is the purpose of why I asked for this :smile: