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Saving transaction backup logs off the DB server

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate your comments/suggestions/points on the following question. Please note I'm not a DBA, just a senior dev with some responsibilities on a Sql Server 2014 box.

Our database server is recording it's transactional backup logs from 6am to 8pm (every hour-on-the-hour), 6 days a week. The old logs are removed after 7 days. The big weekly full backup process runs every Sat at 6am.
The location of the transaction logs is on the server itself. The main backup is off the sever on an accessible fileshare (due to large filesize filling up the database server drive)

I have been asked to investigate the issue of saving the transactional logs off the server at the location of the main backup.

I'd like to take soundings on this and hence would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions/best practices or just point that you feel I should be aware of.

Many thanks,

It shouldn't be an issue - you can modify the log backup job to use a UNC path that is on the same fileshare (preferably located in the same path as the full backup).

You could also setup a secondary step that copies/moves the log backup. However, that is just another level of overhead that really isn't needed unless the network between the fileshare and the server is slow. And since you are already performing full backups to the fileshare - I assume the network can handle it.

Thank you jeffw8713 for the response. Yes the network can handle it.