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Save Password

When I create a OLEDB connection, I check on the "Save Password". When coming back into the controls, I do not see it. For SSIS, I have played with the Protection Level but still, it does not save it. Same goes for SSRS when creating a Data Connection.

When deploying a DTSX package to the server, I would have to enter it in the password for the configuration.


whose password are you entering in there?
which security context are you using when running SSIS packages and SSRS reports?

What is the deployment model - project or package? If you are not using Integration Services Catalog - I recommend that you implement that and switch to project deployment.

As for passwords being saved in your VS projects - by default they are saved and encrypted based on the user editing or creating the package. If another user attempts to open the package in VS - the credentials will not be available and they have to enter them.

For deployment to the catalog - once deployed you can modify/update the data source passwords in the catalog. If you utilize shared data sources in SSIS then re-deploying the package will not update the saved values - and for SSRS if you use shared data sources and make sure you do not overwrite shared data sources then redeploying will not modify the existing deployed data sources.

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Hi Jeff,

Yes, I am using Integration Services Catalog but in package deployment. I am not sure the difference between "package" and "project" but I will research into it.

As for passwords being saved in the VS projects, yes, I understand what you are saying. I guess my question is every time I open the connection and do a "Test Connection", I would have to enter the password in again?

When I deploy my package, I am not using a shared data source but it still does not upload my password to it. I would have to manually enter in the Configuration Manager (right click on the package). It is a one time thing but initially, I did not know why my package was failing until I realized the missing password.

A project is the set of all packages within a project in VS - and project deployment deploys all packages in that project. As of 2016 you can deploy individual packages in a project - but that should only be used after the initial project deployment.

This model makes it quite easy to deploy - you just right-click the project in VS and select deploy. By using shared data sources - every package in the project can use the same data source and it only has to be updated/changed in one place for all packages.