SAN Evaluation for SQL

I am evaluating different products for a SAN solution, Such as Nimble, EMC, and NetApp. I am trying to determine what factors I need to focus on for the SQL portion. So far I have
Read - IO Performance
Write - IO Performance
Write Order Maintained
Stable Media
Backup Capability
High Availability
Fail Over
Disaster Recovery
Encryption At Rest
Encryption in Motion
Torn I\O Torn Page Prevention

But I do not believe this list in all inclusive and maybe a bit redundant. I am having issues trying to find a resource.

Any help would be appreciated,

Answer: I wasn't able to find a lot of information that was not SALES related. For every answer received on one topic I found a conflicting answer. considering this is such an important topic, I was very disheartened by the lack of information and responses.

We are moving with netapp, not because it is a superior product but because the salesman didn't fall down on the job providing quotes. I prefer Nimble for a SAN solution. Patrick and Mark are excellent company representatives.