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Running SQL locally


Is it possible to run SQL locally on a laptop with local csv data as the data source?

I cannot upload the data in a SQL server but I would like the leverage the language's capabilities.

Free MS tools are preferred i.e. Excel, ODBC, Power BI or even Python, JS, etc.


SQL server management studio has inbuilt feature for importing the data from different sources like excel, csv, text files.
Try to explore import/export wizard in SSMS.

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Your question covers a lot of miles considering the title.

Yes you can install sql locally there is express and free sql dev

For importing csv data you can use sql server itself python js powershell etc

Be careful with using developer - if this is production data and work then that would violate the license. I am not sure what you mean by 'free'...

There are a lot of different database products that are free and you can decide which one of those works best. With that said - I have never found Excel to be 'free' - that is a licensed and purchased product.