Running SQL code from a batch file

I'm at a total loss here. I've got several SQL scripts written in SQL Server Management Studio. The scheduler in there works great....if I'm actually logged in. However, this is not ideal as I have to log off daily and will actually be out all week next week. I've attempted writing a batch file to pick up these scripts and run them for me with what little knowledge I have about using sqlcmd. I get an error message that basically states that the connectivity is not support in SQL Server 2000 and earlier. The database I connect to is housed in SQL Server 2000. What other options do I have to accomplish this if any? Figuring this out could be a HUGE time saver for myself as well as many others on my team that have similar issues. I'm truly open to any and all ideas on how I can get these SQL scripts to run through automation without any intervention. I should also note that the server is actually located offsite as well. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Change the owner of the job from your login to either the SQL Server service account, the SQL Agent service account, or even sa (if you use the sa login as sysadmin on that SQL instance).