Run generated script via jdbc

I have used SQL server management studio to generate a script to drop my database tables
But when I run the script via a 3rd party JDBC tool, although the script appears to run, nothing happens, the tables are not dropped.

the script contains a series of statements like :

I am new to SQL Server. Is there some trick to running scripts generated this way via JDBC?
I have no problems using same tool with oracle scripts

I think it may need semi colons at the end of each line.. is there a way to generate these?.

SQL server version is 2012

While it is useful and may be even recommended to have semi-colons at the end of each statement, that is likely not the cause. Are the statements getting to SQL Server at all? Is it pointing at the correct database? You can examine that using the SQL Server Profiler. You can start Profiler from Perfromance Tools group under SQL Server program group.