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RS Report Not Showing Column Headers on Every Page

Hi experts,
i think this is the most common problem with designing Report Server reports.
In Visual Studio, I set the following options in Tablix properties:

Yet the Preview still doesn't show column headings on pages after the first page.

Any ideas?

That is the correct setting, odd


Is there data in those pages?

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Yes there are 278 lines of data.

When SSRS 2008 came out they changed the way that worked. The dialog box you have in the screenshot is misleading.

Look at this link for details:

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Thanks @James. The article refers to SQL 2008. I have 2019, VisualStudi0 2019 and Report Builder 2019. I'm not doing any grouping. I just want the column headings to show on every page. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask for.

I agree with you that it doesn't seem like a lot to ask for.

The ability to turn on repeating column headers changed somewhere around SQL Server 2008 and it applies for all versions going forward.

I use VS 2019 and Report Builder 2019 and have to do the same thing even if I don't have any grouping.

They made a lot of people - including myself - angry when they did that because it's misleading and very difficult to find. I have worked with SSRS since it was in beta release nearly 20 years ago and this issue still frustrates me.

There is no way to turn on repeating column headers without doing what the article shows.

I'm open to others opinions on this but I am unaware of any way to change it.

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Thank you @James I will try this Friday an will almost certainly need some guidance from you. I appreciate your insight.

@James, I have added a group column for the Division field as shown here:

So, in the article above, which case # applies? Not sure which one to use to get the column headers on all pages of the report. Thanks

I have added grouping on the Division column:


But the column headers are not repeating on all pages.
Any ideas?

You are doing everything right. I am not sure why it's not repeating on each page for you.

Here are a couple other links that discuss the issue that may help identify the cause you are experiencing.


There is a reason why this is happening and it will take a little debugging to figure it out. But it is possible.

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Thanks, @James By looking at the images I posted above, does it look like I made Division a column grouping or a row grouping? The techniques to fix vary depending on the type of grouping as you know. Thanks

You created row groupings and they look correct to me.

I attached a few screenshots. I wanted to attach a sample RDL file but it's not allowed.

These screenshots illustrate how I don't have to create any "fake" groups.

Here you can see the report repeating headers on each page:

This screenshot is from the RDL file. I only show the important pieces that control the repeating headers:

If you can't get your existing report to work I would start from the beginning:

  1. Add a tablix to the report and get your data setup
  2. Only display one or two columns of data on the tablix
  3. Turn on the Advanced options for groups
  4. Set the RepeatOnNewPage to True
  5. Preview the report and see if it repeats on new pages

There are some frustrating aspects to SSRS as with all technology. Once you get those things working it's not so bad but getting there is painful.

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Thank you for the detailed reply, @James.

I stumbled into the Tablix Member properties.
But once there, I didn't see options for have setting for Keep with Group and Repeat new Page. I only had Keep Together which I set to TRUE.
I only have these:

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

why not make not do multi pages, just one long infinity pool page?
I think you have beat this dead horse to a pulp now :joy:

@James I did finally get it to work. I'm backtracking now to see which settings I used. Thanks for your help!

Well, I spoke too soon. The Preview tab DOES show column headers on every page. But when I run the subscription agent job, the Excel report that is emailed only has column headers on the first page.
I Did deploy the report. What do you guys make of that?

Glad you got it working. Excel is very difficult to get working with headers due to the nature of rows/columns and how the report is formatted. I am unsure about how to proceed with that aspect.