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RPC Client Request with parameter type Bigchartype


I send a rpc client request to sql server. the rpc (Name: BA_INITIATE____, Length:15) contains 1 parameter (Name: @Telegram______, Length 15) and 1 value (Value:Name, Length 4). The error and message I get indicates an incorrect syntax of the rpc. I not much experienced with tabular data stream and in the documentation there is no example for parameters of the type 16#AF bigchartype - char.

Would someone help me please to examine the sent packet via wireshark.

the parameter call length says 15? but the parameter @telegram in the stored procedure says char(4)

Could the be the source of your issue?


the values 15 both are correct beacuse it determines thee length of the procedure name and first paramter name. despite that I haven`t solved the issue of handling with rpc I used the alternative method.

the process I wanted to create is also satifisfying by using batch method.