Rookie Looking to learn SQL

I am looking to learn SQL and recommendations on where to go to learn it? I am from New York and want to attend a creditable organization. Any suggestions?!?!?!

HOw about NYU? This course would cover it:

Database Design and Web Implementation
CSCI-UA 60 Prerequisites: Introduction to Computer Programming (CSCI-UA 2) and Introduction to Web Design & Computer Principles (CSCI-UA 4). Offered in the spring. 4 points.
Introduces principles and applications of database design. Students learn to use a relational database system, learn web implementations of database designs, and write programs in SQL. Students explore principles of database design and apply those principles to computer systems in general and in their respective fields of interest.

NYU is one of the most expensive schools. CUNY or some of the other state schools might be a less expensive option. Pretty much any school that has some focus on databases would be good. Just don't go to any for-profit schools - they are usually expensive, and very rarely do they give you the credibility and knowledge required to succeed in the job market.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the schools such as NYU, CUNY etc. are geared towards full-time students who are straight out of high school If that is the demographic you belong to, then your options are endless - although the competition to get admitted can vary depending on the amount of financial assistance you are looking for.

If you are looking for adult education, there are fewer opportunities; I don't know who offers what, where, and when. But if you are in New York City, you will find some. If you are looking for an intense/immersive training in SQL, there are organizations that offer that kind of training. Even though some of them are for profit organizations, they don't appear to be scammers.

Why not start online? to start off with. Microsoft Virtual Academy is also available. Edx and coursera also sometimes offer SQL courses.

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