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Retrieve Deployed SSRS Report Possible?


I accidently deployed a report I was editing before it was correct to the server in Visual Studio 2012. Is there any way to get the original back up on the server until I complete the edits? I have a full backup of the reporting services database. Can I create a test database and restore from ReportServer .bak to test, then delete and copy just the rows from the table catalog that I want? Would that work?


You can find it at http://YourServerName/reports
(Report Manager, go to the report properties and choose Delete)


Then I'm stuck without a new file or an old file. There was an existing report at the http site. I accidently wrote over it while editing the file. I'd like to see about restoring the file on the http site BEFORE I overwrote it.


If you have some kind of source control ...


The restore to another database and then trying to copy just the specific rows did not work. My guess is the encryption key or something. I had a full backup from 3am, so I just restored the database entirely to that point. Bummer.


I think you are OK still. You can still get the data from the column that has the RDL from the backup.

Look this over. I tested it and can recover RDL from the tables:

Recover RDL from Catalog Table for SSRS


James, what a guy! Thanks. I'll certainly bookmark. Have a feeling I'm going to need it.


Really? Glad that helped!

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Backups are the best. So are these forums.


I'd recommend installing a Version Control system. I can't imagine managing source code without one any more, even if a one-man-band, let alone a situation where other team members may do Chicken and Egg changes on you ...