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Restoring error

i m trying to restore the database, it is showing the error msg.
my version is developer edition
sql server 2012

Are you sure that the restore is happening on Developer edition?

Thank you for your fast reply..
yes it is developer edition...We are using the Navision 2013...our backend software is Sql Server 2012 developer edition.


Can you please be more clear what error msg are you getting?
Try to run DBCC CHECKDB to find the cause of this error.

What is DBCC CHECKDB ? I don't know about this.


As @ahmeds08 indicated, the error message you are seeing should not happen on developer edition. It is a limitation of the express edition. Even though you said you are using developer edition, can you do one (or both) of the following?

In SSMS, right click on the server name (NAV-UAT\NAVDEMO) and select properties. In the general tab, see what it says in the row labeled "PRODUCT".

Alternatively, open a query window on NAV-UAT\NAVDEMO, run the following query and see what you get