Restore SQL 2008 sp3 user database to SQL 2016

Hi - I've got a new install of SQL 2016 on a new server. Can I restore a user database backup from my existing sql2008 sp3 to the new 2016 instance?



You can restore a backup from an earlier version, just not the other way around.

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Thank you. I read this:

which I believe refers to upgrading an instance -- not importing an old user database into a new instance of sql2016

So when I restore my SQL 2008 sp3 user database to 2016 it gets upgraded correct?

That is correct. You will see a series of messages towards the end of the restore process (if you are doing it in T-SQL) about the version being upgraded.

There is also compatibility level. Your SQL 2008 database would compatibility level 100. You can choose to upgrade the compatibility level - see details here There is a section on that pages that lists the differences between various compatibility levels,which you should look through.

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thanks for the info