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Restore Production server backup to secondary server

I have 24/7 working production database ( SQL Server 2008) and taking full back up every day early morning 12:30 AM. It will be completed by 2:00 AM. Most of the tables are not having primary key and would like go for logshipping. Can I do it without taking any downtime with following.

  1. Restore the latest full backup to secondary server.
  2. Restore all log backups from 12:00 AM to till restore completion time.

Yes, you can configure Log Shipping and it will not effect the primary db.

Can I restore full backup first then log backup even before starting the full backup.

Yes,you can.
But,your current full backup on primary should be changed to COPY_ONLY,if this is not mentioned then your regular full backup would break the Log backup sequence with your Log Shipping.

Full backups do not break the log chain - neither do differential backups. The only reason to perform copy_only backups is to preserve the differential sequence - which is affected by a full backup.

Differential backups and restores would be much, much easier to work with if you're just trying to restore to a reasonably close time and not an exact moment.