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Restore a point between two full backups




I make two full backups on Oct 1 and Oct 10. I want to
restore the server to a state in Oct 5. So I just do as follows:

Perform a transaction log backup on the server
on Oct 23. I have never backup transaction log in the past.

the server with Oct 1 full backup with NORECOVERY option.

Try to restore to the point at Oct 5 12:00, with
the transaction log.

But the restore fails and SQL Server said the transaction log does not
contain the point. The point is too early. Why? Also my .LDF file is about 13G,
but the transaction log backup is only 200MB. Why?



See: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1730302-391-1.aspx

She said it much better than I could.