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REST Source Batch size out of range


   I am trying to fetch 2200 records from a website list to my sql server db using REST Source component in SSIS.

The import is working fine but only the top 1000 records get inserted in the table (db) as the REST Source has 1000 batch size limit. Tried to increase the limit ( thru advanced editor), but getting Error:- Batch size out of range, allowed range 1-1000.

If I again import it, those same 1000 will again be populated.

For getting next 1000 (1000-2000) records i used limit and offset too.....In the Advanced Editor, I put Endpoint as :-GET https://website?limit=1000&offset=1000

Not able to get required results ( same first 1000 records getting populated)

Does anyone have an idea about this ?



Outside of SSIS, are you able to get the desired results from the modified API call, using the same credentials/settings?

Typically an API might have a throttle or limitation, e.g. you can only query a certain number of rows in a fixed timeframe. Would suggest you review and verify with the API documentation or with their support.